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Speakers for #F17 | National Lawyers Guild

National Lawyers Guild

Rhode Island Chapter

Speakers for #F17

Speakers for #F17

As part of the demonstrations taking place across the country on Friday, February 17, the National Lawyers Guild of Rhode Island has invited several speakers to address the threat that President Trump's administration presents as we stand in solidarity with those communities he has targeted. Those speaking include:

Sherrie Andre representing FANG (https://www.facebook.com/FangCollective/);

Sheida Soleimani, artist, activist, and RISD professor (http://www.risd.edu/academics/hpss/faculty/Sheida-Soleimani/);

Mike Araujo representing Jobs with Justice Rhode Island (https://rijwj.wordpress.com/); and

Martha Yager representing American Friends Service Committee of Southeastern New England (https://www.afsc.org/category/topic/south-east-new-england).

We're grateful that these folks are sharing their time with us on February 17 as the legal communities here in Rhode Island and elsewhere join in standing up against the administration. Successful resistance to Trump and his allies in Congress will require those of us in the legal community to support and represent targeted people in the courts. Although we often disagree with courts and the laws that they interpret and apply, we recognize that courts are often a crucial bulwark against the President and Congress. We must have courts that are independent and willing to stand up to the other branches of government when they attempt to pass and enforce unconstitutional laws.


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