National Lawyers Guild

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Rhode Island Legal Community Stands Against Fascism

Rhode Island Legal Community Stands Against Fascism

The National Lawyers Guild is calling for attorneys, law students, court interpreters, paralegals, and other legal workers to hold demonstrations in opposition to the rise of fascism and in support of human rights at courthouses across the United States on F17.

We will gather at the federal courthouse located at the east end of Kennedy Plaza, One Exchange Terrace, in Providence at 1:00pm on Friday, February 17th.

The National Lawyers Guild has been joined in this call by our allies: the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York, Law for Black Lives, Black Movement Law Project, Black & Pink, Human Rights Defense Committee, Palestine Legal, Water Protector Legal Collective, the People's Law Office in Chicago and the Sugar Law Center in Detroit -

Rhode Island was founded in 1636 by refugees from religious intolerance. The NLG stands with those who have been targeted by the new regime in Washington: our Muslim sisters and brothers, immigrants, LGBTQ+ people, women, and other frontline communities. We will not ignore blatant violations of long established human rights principles, including the First Amendment. Although we often disagree with the courts, we support an independent judiciary that can protect our constitutional rights and act as a check on the President and Congress. 

We are making this call in conjunction with the calls for a national strike -

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