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Speakers for #F17

Speakers for #F17 As part of the demonstrations taking place across the country on Friday, February 17, the National Lawyers Guild of Rhode Island has invited several speakers to address the threat that President Trump’s administration presents as we stand in solidarity with those communities he has targeted. Those speaking include: Sherrie Andre representing FANG […]

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Legal Observer Trainings in Providence

Legal Observer Training in Providence The National Lawyers Guild will hold two legal observer training sessions next weekend, February 24 and 25. Students at RISD and Brown have organized the trainings, which will be conducted by Shanna Merola of the NLG Detroit and Michigan Chapter. Shanna has trained hundreds of legal observers and we’re honored […]

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Rhode Island Legal Community Stands Against Fascism

Rhode Island Legal Community Stands Against Fascism The National Lawyers Guild is calling for attorneys, law students, court interpreters, paralegals, and other legal workers to hold demonstrations in opposition to the rise of fascism and in support of human rights at courthouses across the United States on F17. We will gather at the federal courthouse […]

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